For the past ten years, Triple J Vending has heavily invested in vending technology. From vending management software to state-of-the-art machines with guaranteed vend, handheld computers and payment systems, our technology surpasses the industry standard which raises the bar in efficiency and overall customer service. We continually reinvest in our company and stay on top of the trends in the field.

Handheld Computers & ReportingTriple J - handheld comupter
Our vending route managers use hand held computers with laser barcode technology and special software to track inventory, maintenance issues and to service machines. When Triple J Vending route managers arrive at a specific location, they use their handheld computers to determine exactly which items they need to bring into the building with them. This way we ensure that each machine is getting exactly the product that is needed. This reduces out of stock items and safeguards freshness for our customers.

Our drivers are focused on looking for products that are nearing their expiration date. When our drivers remove product because of dates, we’re able to capture that data in their vending handheld so that the database is adjusted accordingly. Inventory is also checked regularly and any variations noted. Other changes that need to be made by the driver are entered into the handheld inventory system and uploaded to the database every evening.

This level of detail allows us to provide you with the best service and greatest selection of products to meet our client’s need. Triple J. Vending’s customized software tracks and reports the service and repair history of your vending machines. It helps us respond quickly and efficiently to your service calls and it helps you monitor our quality of service. This allows us to reduce downtime for out-of-service or out-of-stock machines.

Guaranteed Vending or your Money Back!Triple J Vending - Guaranteed vend delivery
All of our vending machines are equipped with guaranteed vend technology. If your selection should not properly vend, the helix delivery spiral will continue to turn for three tries. If your selection is not vended, your money will be automatically refunded! The guaranteed vend uses light sensors to detect whether or not a product has been dispensed. Customer satisfaction is increased and service calls are reduced by guaranteed delivery technology.

Payment Options & Cashless VendingTriple J - Pay with Credit
Triple J Vending believes that what is in your wallet should not prohibit you from getting a snack or drink you want. Long gone are the days of needing exact change to make a purchase from a vending machine. We utilize numerous payment systems to ensure a customer can buy a product when they want to. This includes bill recyclers which accept large bill denominations and pays back with smaller denomination bills, dollar coin dispensing and debit, credit and prepaid card systems. We were a leader in offering an in-house cashless payment system for students at a local college.

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