Vending Services

As a full-line vending service provider in New York, Triple J Vending can provide the perfect level of service to any size business, school, facility or government location.  We’re experts in virtually every vending scenario from providing healthy options to schools to servicing high-security facilities to meeting the need of businesses large and small. And, when it comes to high-volume locations like a college or airport, our 6-day a week servicing and 24/7 response can’t be matched by anyone in the area.

A beverage vending machine at an athletic center is likely to have a different sales pattern and service need than a beverage machine at a manufacturing plant. At Triple J Vending, we don’t treat those two machines the same. Instead, we monitor vending sales data and adjust the product mix accordingly. With advanced vending software, we are able to track sales data and utilize it to provide our customers the products they want with enhanced service.

If something isn’t selling in a machine, we’ll swap it out for a different product that might sell better. If we discover a product that is selling very quickly, we’ll look to add another column of that product or add a column of another, similar product. Triple J Vending looks at each machine separately and responds according to its need. All this vending machine monitoring and adjusting of products may take time, but ultimately we know that it will lead to a better vending experience.
When our drivers service a vending machine in need of replenishment, they always:

  • Thoroughly Clean and Inspect the Vending Machine
  • Rotate products to ensure all items are in date and in excellent condition
  • Fill all selections with a product mix to meet customer demand
  • Correct minor repair issues

Vending Machine Repair
Like any mechanical device, problems do occur from time to time. When a vending machine does have a problem, we want to know about it right away so we can dispatch a technician to repair it. When one of our vending machines is down due to a mechanical problem, it’s a big concern to us and to our clients. As a result, we take several steps to reduce problems and shorten vending machine repair times:

  • We use newer vending machines which are more reliable
  • Each machine has a service telephone number which is available 24/7 for service reporting
  • All of our machines have a unique identification number for quick and easy reporting of problems
  • We have a team of experts to fix any vending machine problem
  • We stock common vending machine parts to reduce down time
  • We track service issues over time in our database and replace problematic vending machines as preventative maintenance
  • We personally guarantee a fast response to any service issue

Although our equipment is newer and our guaranteed delivery system ensures that malfunctions are minimized, mishaps can occur. Therefore, Triple J Vending offers several ways for the consumer to receive a refund. Every vending machine displays a sticker with our phone number and we are happy to mail refunds back to the customer. All calls we receive for either a broken machine or refunds are logged into our computer system, and must be resolved to the satisfaction of our customer before it can be closed in our system. Additionally, we can establish a refund bank which allows the consumer to receive an instant refund. This bank is replenished, as needed, with our service personnel.

The first step in the vending machine installation process is to determine how many snack and beverage machines are needed and what sizes fit best for the space and demand. We take the time to tour your facility and discuss your specific requirements in detail. Then, we provide you with recommended options for vending services based on your requirements.

Once we determine need, we schedule equipment moves. All equipment moves are scheduled in advance so that our clients know when to expect us.

Before leaving our warehouse, vending machines are thoroughly inspected and prepped. Our goal is to offer a trouble free and smooth transition to our vending service.

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