We know that there are a wide variety of desires when it comes to snacking. As a result, we provide a huge range of snack vending options at Triple J Vending. Not only do we stock the basics like Doritos and Snickers, but we carry a wide range of cookies, pastries, chips, crackers, candy, nuts, gums, fruit, ice cream, frozen food and more to meet the demands of a wide-ranging group of customers.

Chips, Pretzels and Popcorn
Our warehouse is stocked with a varied assortment of chips, pretzels and popcorn from Frito-Lay, Snyder’s, Wise, Rice Works, Stacy’s and other top chip producers. We do alter product mixes from time to time to provide variety to our clients but we stock the majority of the following brands at all times in several different flavors and varieties:

Doritos Terra Sweet Potato Chips Pirate’s Booty
Cheetos POP Chips Lays Regular Potato Chips
Fritos Regular Smart Food Lays Sour Cream & Onion Chips
Cheez-It Stacy’s Pita Chips Baked Lays
Chex Mix Rice Works Salsa Chips Snyder’s Pretzels
Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar Chex Snack Mix Bare Fruit Apple Chips
Pop Corners Veggi Chips

Triple J provides candy for our snack vending machines. We change our candy selections often, based on the season and new items, but you’ll always find the top brands of candy in our vending machines including:

M&M Peanut M&M Plain Kit Kat
Snickers Twizzlers Mike & Ike
Twix Milky Way Junior Mints
3 Musketeers Swedish Fish Starburst
Skittles Gold Bears
Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Hershey Almond

Cookies and Pastries
Triple J offers a selection of cookies and pastries to meet anyone’s taste – from National brands to locally made specialties. These include:

Nilda’s Desserts Lorna Doone Shortbread Big Texas Cinnamon Rolls
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Oreos Entenmann’s Pastries
Knott’s Berry Shortbread Pop Tarts

Additional Snack Options
In addition to chips, candy, pastries, and cookies, Triple J also provides other types of snack vending products. Some of the snack items we traditionally stock in our warehouse include:

Fruit Snacks Cheese Peanut Butter Crackers Act II Microwave Popcorn
Quaker Rice Cakes Peanuts Extra Gum
Nature Valley Granola Bars Almonds Wrigley’s Gum
Clif Bar Trail Mixes Lifesavers
MoJo Trail Mix Bars Rice Krispie Treats Jack Links Beef Snacks
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