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Healthy Options/ Fit PickTriple J Vending - Fit Pick
Triple J Vending is proud to offer a full line of healthier products. As a participant in the National Fit Pick™ program, customers can easily identify “healthier snacks” in our vending machines. The healthier options are labeled with shelf stickers and are products that meet a standardized set of nutrition guidelines. Fit Pick™ products contain no more than 35% of their calories from fat, not more than 10% from saturated fat, and not more than 35% of the total weight from sugar (nuts and seeds excluded).

Here is how it works:

Fit Pick™ products are lower in fat and sugar. In order to meet the Fit Pick standards, products must meet the 35-10-35 standards which means no more than:

  • 35% of total calories from fat
  • 10% of calories from saturated fat
  • 35% of total product weight from sugar

Fit Pick™ helps consumers locate vending machine choices that support a healthy lifestyle. Utilizing shelf stickers, Triple J identifies vended products which meet the standardized set of nutrition guidelines.Triple J Vending - Balanced for Life

Some examples of foods that meet the 35-10-35 standard are vend size Baked Lays, peanuts, Clif Bars, Chex Mix, Nutri-Grain Bars and pretzels, to name a few.

Other Dietary NeedsTriple J Vending - USDA organic
Beyond the wide selection of products that meet the Fit Pick™ standards, we also offer a variety of products that meet other dietary needs such as gluten free, low sodium, low-carb, vegetarian and organic.  Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have special requests, we will be happy to explore them and are pleased to serve you.

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